Congrés internacional «Els últims anys de la vida de Pau»

On Tuesday 24th June the Archbishop declared open the international Congres regarding the last years of the apostle of the gentiles organised by the Superior Institute of Religious Sciences Saint Fructuosus (INSAF), which was held in the Tarraconensian Centre, El Seminario and which concluded on 29th June. The Congress was moved by the Faculty of Theology of Cataluña and counted with thirty professors from different universities and faculties of Theology from Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, the United States amongst others. The inaugural act was presided over by Archbishop Mons Jaume Pujol, in the presence of the vice-president of the Government of the Generalitat of Cataluña, Joanna Ortega, the vicar general of the archdiocise, Mons Joaquim Fortuny, the dean president of the Faculty of Theology of Cataluña, Dr Armand Puig, the director of the Superior Institute of Religious Sciences Saint Fructuosus, Dr Josep Maria Gavalda. Among other civil authorities were the delegate of of the Government of the Generalitat of Cataluña in Tarragona, Quim Nin, the lieutenant of the Town Hall of Tarragona, Xavier Tarres, the vice-president of the Diputacion of Tarragona, Albert Vallve; the secretary general of the University Rovira y Virgili, Antoni Gonzalez, the director general for religious affairs of the Generalitat of Cataluña, Enric Vendrell; the director of Territorial Services of the Department of Government and Institutional Relations, Dolor Murillo and the director of the Cultural territorial services, Jordi Agras amonst others. Inaugural Lecture Professor John Barclay (Durham. England) gave the inaugural lecture titled “The last years of Paul: questions put forward”. Barclay marked three principal aspects which during the period of the Congress attempts to answer these would be made. The first, the historical problems which exist though we have diverse fonts of disposable information such as the Gospel of... Read more
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