Francesc Torralba parla a professors de les escoles diocesanes sobre com educar la intel·ligència espiritual

Francesc Torralba doctor in Philosophy and Theology and professor at the University Ramon Llull (URV), gave a conference on Tuesday 14th May, in the hall of acts of the Tarraconensian Centre ‘El Seminari’, to professors and teachers of the diocesan schools in an act organised by the Saint Fructuosus Foundation.

Torralba gave to know the powers of spiritual intelligence and the benefits given to the development of human life. “Independent from beliefs, there is a demand to seek spirituality in all ambits”, explained. Francesc Torralba highlighting the practice of solitude, the importance of silence, contemplation, the capacity to amaze, dialogue and inclusive physical exercise as forms to develop spirituality.

This formation is inserted in the ‘Project Mosaic’ of the Saint Fructuosus Foundation, a specific system of neuromotor stimulation and individual learning based on the development of all a persons intelligence (multiple intelligences).