El primer diàleg amb motiu de l’Any de la fe tracta ‘l’origen de la vida’ des de la creença i l’agnosticisme

With the Year of Faith, on 28th February, was held the first of three dialogues organised by the Archbishopric, with the object of transmitting the sense of faith to persons aparted from the church. This first meeting entitled “The origin of life” counted with two relevant thinkers from our country, as Dr Jorge Wagernsberg, physic and director of the Foundation La Caixa and P.Lucas Torcal, physic and prior of the Monastery of Santa Maria at Poblet. F.Xavier Rius, professor of Science from the Universioty Rovira I Virgili (URV) acted as moderator.

Taking various ideas which were introduced by the moderator both participants put forward interesting aspects in existing relations between faith and science, each from his own perspective agnostisism and faith. The beginning of life in the world, the sense of being, moral progress, the contrast between evolutionism and creation or the presence of God in evolution were some of the themes treated during this meeting. Those assisting could take part by planting various questions which led to more debate.

The meeting was transmitted direct by the channel of television via the Internet of the Archbishopric, and could be seen in its entirety via. http://endirecte.arqtgn.cat/.