La primera Jornada europea CIDOB se centra en l’emprenedoria i el creixement econòmic com a grans reptes europeus

The first European meeting of CIDOB was held on Monday 20th May in the Tarraconensian Centre, it was based on four great thematic tables which related to themes of entreprenarship and growth, energy and industry, transport and insfrastructure and finally over the future of monetary union and banking union. A period of work thought out to convert itself into a tool useful for entrepreneurs and professionals, offering them reflexions and information relevant to their strategy and development in a European context and in this way creating stable ties between Spanish and Catalan civil societies and European institutions.

assistents cidobThe CIDOB  (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs) which this year celebrates it fortieth anniversary, is an independent centre financed by diverse public and private sectors, both at local, national and international level. From 1973 it has been a point of reference for investigation and for information and orientated documentation to public politics in the ambit of international affairs.

Francesc Torralba parla a professors de les escoles diocesanes sobre com educar la intel·ligència espiritual

Francesc Torralba doctor in Philosophy and Theology and professor at the University Ramon Llull (URV), gave a conference on Tuesday 14th May, in the hall of acts of the Tarraconensian Centre ‘El Seminari’, to professors and teachers of the diocesan schools in an act organised by the Saint Fructuosus Foundation.

Torralba gave to know the powers of spiritual intelligence and the benefits given to the development of human life. “Independent from beliefs, there is a demand to seek spirituality in all ambits”, explained. Francesc Torralba highlighting the practice of solitude, the importance of silence, contemplation, the capacity to amaze, dialogue and inclusive physical exercise as forms to develop spirituality.

This formation is inserted in the ‘Project Mosaic’ of the Saint Fructuosus Foundation, a specific system of neuromotor stimulation and individual learning based on the development of all a persons intelligence (multiple intelligences).

Presentada la primera fase de treballs de catalogació i digitalització de l’Arxiu Capitular de la Catedral de Tarragona

To place within reach of investigators and users the digitalized documentation of the Capitular Archives of the Cathedral of Tarragona via the web This was the principal objective which Mn Manuel. M. Fuentes canon archiver of the Cathedral and director of the Archdiocesan Historic Archives, pointed out during the presentation of the first phase of the work of cataloguing and digitalization of the Capitular Archives. The act was presided over by Mn. Joaquim Fortuny, vicar general of the archdiocese, and took place on Wednesday 17th April in the Santa Tecla lecture hall of the Tarraconensian Centre ‘El Seminari’ and counted with the presence of the the vice-president of the Diputacion of Tarragona, Albert Vallvé, the director of the Territorial Services for Culture of the Generalitat of Catalunya, Jordi Agràs, and representatives of the Port of Tarragona among others.

Neus Sanchez Pie, responsible for the cataloguing of the Capitular Archives of Tarragona (ACT), gave a brief outline on the history of this Archive, first referenced in 1389. She remarked that the project was viable due to co-operation signed in 2011 between the Archbishopric of Tarragona, the Authority and the Archdiocesan Historic Archives, which permitted the start of new cataloguing and the informalitization of existing documents. “At these heights have been catalogued four fonts which are the Cathedral (772 documents), the Capitular (613 documents), the community of priests (23 documents) and the musical fonts, under the charge of a professor of the UAB. Actually 1.412 documents”, explained Sanchez Pie.

Mn. Miquel Barbarà, dean of the Capitular of the Cathedral of Tarragona congratulated Mn Manuel M. Fuentes and his team noting the professional way the work had been pursued. Mn Barbara added that the Cathedral “has not only been a place of worship but also important in the diffusion of culture from generation to generation. This cataloguing and digitalization is important for the church and for society”.

Mn. Joaquim Fortuny, before closing the act, appreciated the work realised stating that it was important for the future, a step forward in favour of culture.

Acte en benefici dels cristians de Terra Santa

The Tarraconensian Centre ‘El Seminari’  held on Friday 12th April the III Conference and Easter Concert, organized jointly by the Group of Associations of Holy Week at Tarragona and the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem.

The Conference entitled “The Holy Grail, Myth or Reality” was given by Dr Jorge Manuel Rodriguez Almenar, president of The National Centre for Sindology and professor at the University of Valencia in the Santa Tecla lecture room of the Centre.

Later in the Saint Paul Cloister a concert was held, given by the Junior Choir of the Schola Cantorum of the friends of the Cathedral. The collection taken during the act was to benefit the Christians of the Holy Land.