Exposició de dibuixos «Els nens ajuden als nens»

Over 1000 boys and girls from various schools of the archdiocese participated in a drawing competition, convened to celebrate the 170 anniversary of the Foundation of the Pòntificial Works of Infants Mission.

The drawings will be exhibited until the 27th January in the Saint Paul cloister.

Children of different races from around the world who join hands, school yards where a child helps another who has problems or comics which tell us how friends help each other . This is how the youngest see the role of the missionary life of the church.

The artists Montserrat Aixala, Tito Figueras and Tomas Olivar chose,  on Monday 7th of January, three drawings from those most voted by visitors to the exhibition.

Inaugurada l’exposició fotogràfica «Cristians perseguits al s. XXI»

Through twenty five photographs realised by pontificial foundation Help to the Needy Church (AIN) we can put a face to those Christians who today are being persecuted for reasons of faith in countries as India, Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria or Yemen among many others. The exhibition pretends to let us know a reality much unknown of the lack of religious liberty today, especially towards Christians.

“It is estimated that in todays world there are three hundred million persecuted Christians”, explained Monica Garcia one of the collaborators of the foundation. In the act of inauguration presided by the Archbishop on the 15th January in the Tarraconensian Centre “The Seminary”.

The director of Help to the NeedyChurch in Spain, Javier Menendez, explained that fundamentals of religious persecution is in seeing other beliefs as a menace. “Seventy five percent of persons persecuted for their faith in the world are Christians. The attacks on symbols, places of worship and Christian pastors are continous in countries as China, North Korea, Vietnam and Iran, among others”. Menendez  mentioned radical Islamism and nationalism as the principal focus of violence. However  persecuted Christians  – he emphazised – “much valued prayer, they have a joy in faith and they are dedicated, they do not feel ashamed of their beliefs and are prepared to die, if required, for the faith.”

Help to the NeedyChurch is a pontificial foundation from 1947 founded by the Dutch monk Werenfried Van Straaten of the order of Saint Norbert. At the end of the second world war he saw the need to reconstruct not only cities but also the hearts of persons, a task continued today by the Foundation.

The exhibition which is sited for the first time in a Catalan city can be visited until the 31st of January in the vestibule of the Centre. All those groups, parishes and colleges who wish to have a guided visit need to arrange this via the electronic mail info@ctarraconense.cat.

Presentació del llibre ‘Museu Diocesà de Tarragona. Pintura Gòtica’

“A catalogue with 34 works of gothic paintings with rigorous content but at the same time divulgative”. In this manner defines the Director Sofia Mata, conservator of the Diocesan Museum of Tarragona (MDT), and author of the texts, the new book Diocesan Museum of Tarragona. Gothic Painting (Ed. Escua) presented on Wednesday 19th December in the Saint Tecla lecture room of the Tarraconensian Centre “El Seminario”.

The act presided over by the Archbishop counted with the presence of the president of the Diputacion of Tarragona, Sr Josep Poblet, the director of the DiocesanMuseum, Mons Miquel Barbara, the director Sofia Mata and Rosa Ricoma, director of the Museum of Modern Art at Tarragona, who presented the catalogue.

The first speaker was Mons Barbara, who emphasized that the catalogue was a project materialized with works from the Cathedral of Tarragona and other places of worship in the diocese. He also announced that the MDT was preparing for its first centenary in 2014.

In her presentation Dr. Ricoma, following a trip through the various stages of the DiocesanMuseum from its origins, emphasized the great visual impact of the catalogue, which contains one of the most beautiful images of Saint Paul and Saint Tecla on the  cover. Thirty four works of a religious character, with texts in three languages which make accessible to the public the contents. Also should be mentioned the photographic work of the four participating photographers: Carlos Aymerich, Ramon Cornado, Joan Farre and Santiago Grimau.

The president of the Diputacion qualified the work as concise, meticulous and rigorous. “The collection is the principal protagonist but the book has great merit as it is within the reach of all”, he explained.

The Archbishop concluded the act, congratualing all those who had collaborated and made possible the publication of this catalogue. Mons. Jaume Pujol emphasized the great value of these paintings: “many persons will have prayed in front of them. They are a true cathecism”.